Treasure Coast Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Lawyer

When deciding which attorney to hire, catchy jingles and billboard advertisements are not likely to lead you to a lawyer that will provide professional and personalized representation. Big firms tend to shuffle clients to paralegals and overloaded law associates. If that type of experience makes you feel anonymous or like you are standing in line, then call Sholtes Law for a one-on-one consultation.

There are three crucial qualities you should consider when hiring an attorney to represent your rights and interests. By checking off these boxes during the initial meeting, you will be able to rest easy knowing your legal challenges are in good hands.

  • Communication: Sitting down and working through the facts of the case in person lays the foundation for sound attorney-client communication. You must work together to understand the subtleties and develop a legal strategy designed to produce a positive outcome. A skilled attorney must then effectively convey the facts, ideas and nuances of your case in court.
  • Comfort: As the client, it’s important that you feel like your best interests are being represented. People tend to get lost in big law firms. Being another docket number does not install trust. You have a great deal at stake and should be fully confident everything possible is being done on your behalf. It’s important that you believe your attorney has made a total commitment to the case.
  • Compatibility: During the initial consultation, you should gain a sense of whether you are well-suited to work together. A legal proceeding is very much a joint venture. Some of the finest clients and lawyers can be from completely different walks of life. Vastly different world views and backgrounds can make it difficult to work effectively together. The attorney-client relationship should be a good one in which you can talk freely about the legal issues.

At Sholtes Law, you can expect to be treated like a real person and have your legal rights and interests vigorously defended.