Andrew Sholtes

Attorney Andrew Sholtes is a Stuart, Florida native who graduated magna cum laude from Florida International School of Law. His dedication to academics and rigorous study of Florida law has provided him with a unique opportunity to give back to the community that inspired him.

As a member of the Florida Bar, Attorney Sholtes has built a law firm that tailors its practice to family law, criminal defense and personal injury. The thread that runs through his firm’s focus is a commitment to protecting the rights and interests of Martin and Saint Lucie county community members. As an advocate for people in the very neighborhoods that provided the life experiences that drove him to study law, Attorney Sholtes works with these same good people to provide rigorous legal advocacy.

In criminal law matters, Attorney Sholtes believes that every member of the community deserves vigorous legal representation. Protecting the rights of individuals from the powerful resources of law enforcement and the state is important to every citizen getting a fair disposition from the courts.

And, lastly, Attorney Sholtes works diligently to get injured people in our community fair compensation. He understands that people’s lives are traumatically altered by car crashes and other forms of negligence. Someone must stand behind people that cannot negotiate the legal system alone.

When a young person goes on to find success in higher education and earns a law degree, there are many opportunities available. Andrew Sholtes decided to give back by opening a law firm in downtown Fort Pierce and serving people in these communities.