Treasure Coast Criminal Defense Attorney

Anytime law enforcement levels a criminal allegation, you face costly fines, loss of license and even incarceration. The state has powerful resources at its disposal and individuals are at a significant disadvantage without a criminal defense attorney to aggressively fight to protect your rights. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, Sholtes Law provides vigorous legal representation.

DUI Charges

It’s common knowledge that the State of Florida has taken a tough stance on drunk driving. If convicted, you could lose driving privileges, pay hefty fines and even spend time behind bars. A DUI conviction will also remain on your criminal record. Potential employers, landlords, and even community organizations routinely run background checks. A drunk driving blemish can create a long-term problem. The best defense against an erroneous drunk driving charge is to work with a criminal defense lawyer and go on the offense.

As your counsel, I will examine the circumstances of the arrest. This may entail challenging the initial police stop. Officers must have a lawful reason to pull you over. If they were overzealous, all of the evidence against you could be thrown out. Another important piece of evidence may be the police dash cam video. If you passed a field sobriety test, they don’t have a right to further testing. And, breathalyzer results are not an exact science. There may have been a reason the results were faulty. As your attorney, I’ll leave no stone unturned to protect your rights and interests.

Domestic Violence

It would be an understatement to say the domestic violence and abuse are a national problem. People being harmed by domestic partners has reached epidemic proportions. But that doesn’t mean that everyone charged is guilty.

As unfortunate as it may be for real victims, it has become almost commonplace for people to make false accusations out of anger and spite. Significant disagreements, relations with another person, filing for divorce or just breaking up with a romantic partner can cause them to act irrationally. Too often people claim assault, battery, and abuse out of spite. These charges are often retracted once a criminal defense attorney challenges the facts.

Mounting a Criminal Defense

Just because the police slapped on the cuffs and charged you with a felony or misdemeanor does not mean prosecutors will be able to get a conviction. There are many hurdles and legal challenges that can be made between arraignment and a final verdict. By pushing back on search and seizures, test results and eyewitness testimony, state lawyers are often willing to work out a reasonable plea agreement or drop the allegations altogether. When they won’t negotiate fairly, I’ll make them prove every inch of their case.