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Contributing Factors of Motorcycle Accidents in Fort Pierce


The State of Florida is one of the most dangerous states for riding motorcycles. These accidents often result in serious personal injuries or death. Because Sholtes Law wants to keep motorcycle riders safe in and throughout the Fort Pierce community, here’s some information to know about the contributing factors of motorcycle accidents.

Motorists Failure to Notice Motorcycle Riders

Cars and trucks tend to dominate the road when it comes to traffic. Often times people say, “Oh, the motorcycle came out of nowhere.” Or, “I didn’t see it.” When motorists are distracted while driving, it is possible that they did not see the motorcycle.

By the time they see the motorcycle, it is too late and they find themselves in a motorcycle accident. For this reason, everyone should play it safe and be on the lookout for each other. Motorists should look out for motorcyclists and vice versa.

Left Turn Collisions and Intersections

Several studies show that many motorcycle accidents stem from left turn collisions. This type of collision occurs when a left turn is taken in front of another vehicle whether it’s a truck, motorcycle, SUV or car.

Intersections are also dangerous places for motorcycle riders. If a vehicle is not yielding to the right of way or adhering to traffic signals, this can put a motorcyclists life at risk.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is also a frequent cause of motorcycle accidents. However, lane splitting is illegal in Florida. This occurs when a motorcycle rider drives between two lanes of traffic.

Road Conditions

Poor road conditions such as potholes and cracks in the road can also cause motorcycle accidents.

Additional road conditions such as rodents in the road, slick pavement and uneven lanes can contribute to a motorcycle accident. All motorists should ride carefully and avoid these road conditions when possible.

Biking Under the Influence of Alcohol and Irresponsible Riding

Alcohol is a leading factor in motorcycle fatalities. According to statistics by the Insurance Information Institute, 5,172 motorcyclists died as a result of biking under the influence of alcohol.

Other forms of irresponsible riding include:

  • Not obeying traffic lights and signs
  • Not following the speed limit
  • Not checking the maintenance of the motorcycle before riding
  • Not paying attention to other motorists
  • Using drugs while biking

A motorcycle rider should always practice responsible riding habits. In the event of a claim, the motorcycle rider should be able to get the full amount of compensation he or she deserves for the injuries.

If the motorcycle rider contributed in any way to the accident, the rider will cover less than what he or she expects due to Florida being a comparative negligence state.

Recently Involved in a Motorcycle Accident? Contact a Knowledgeable Motorcycle Attorney

If you were recently involved in a motorcycle accident, contact Sholtes Law, PLLC. Andrew Sholtes is an experienced Fort Pierce motorcycle accident attorney serving St. Lucie & Martin County who can begin working on your motorcycle accident case right away to help you protect your rights and obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. Call 855-534-2509 for a complimentary case analysis.



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