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Important Evidence in Fort Pierce Car Accident Cases


Car accidents are never easy to handle. The process comes with filing claims with insurance companies, speaking to insurance adjusters, and plenty of patience. Often times, car accidents result in personal injury lawsuits because of the injuries the victim receives and the effect the injuries have on the victim’s life overall. If your claim results in a lawsuit, the below items will be important evidence used in your Fort Pierce car accident case.

Evidence in Car Accident Cases

Each type of evidence that we’ll discuss today serves a unique purpose within the car accident case. While this is not an exhaustive list of evidence, the types we will list below evidence work together to strengthen the victim’s case:

  • Police Report. The police report contains contact information for the parties involved and insurance policy numbers, a diagram of the accident and a statement by the investigating officer rendering an opinion as to who was at fault for the accident.
  • Medical Records. Medical records reveal a victim’s physical state prior to the accident, and the victim’s physical state after the accident. Doctors prescribe medications and treatments and also predict how the accident will affect the victim’s body in the future.
  • Any photos of the scene will be used in the car accident case. These photos serve as proof of the accident, and the damage the accident caused the vehicle and victim. As defense counsel will do what they can to question the credibility of the victim and also the damages, the photos are a sure way to combat this issue.
  • Deposition. Words mean everything in a car accident case. A deposition, or a sworn, out of court statement, allows each party to recount the car accident in their own words, to the best of their memory. A knowledgeable Fort Pierce car accident attorney will be able to easily find discrepancies in the other driver’s statements or determine whether the other driver changed their story.
  • Pay Stubs and W-2s. Your employment records are used as evidence that will prove how the car accident affects your ability to work or continue working. These documents also help to calculate loss of income or future loss wages as a result of the accident.
  • Witnesses and Expert Witnesses. Having a third-party witness testify as to how the accident happens will solidify your case. Also, an expert witness such as a doctor will be able to speak towards a victim’s medical bills and records.

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