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Ways to Avoid Personal Injury in the Treasure Coast

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Whether the season of thanks puts you on the road to visit family or you decide to stay home in the Treasure Coast, you should take some time to consider and begin thinking about the some of the best ways to avoid personal injury during the holidays. Sholtes Law offers some of the ways to avoid personal injury during the holiday season.

Practice Safe Driving Habits

There’s nothing like a car accident to cause delay on your holiday celebration.  To avoid this from happening, be sure to practice safe driving habits and follow these safe driving tips:

  • Perform vehicle maintenance or get an inspection before hitting the road.
  • Watch for pedestrians on sidewalks and in parking lots while shopping.
  • Slow down. There will be enough turkey for you.
  • Use a designated driver if you plan to drink alcohol.
  • Always keep a full tank of gas in the event of snow or traffic.
  • Adhere to stop signs, speed limits and traffic signals.
  • Let it go. Road rage is never a good idea.

Keep the Kitchen Safe

Often times, personal injuries such as slip and falls, food illnesses and fires happen as a result of what takes place in the kitchen. If you will be cooking in the kitchen, please remember to:

  • Constantly wash your hands.
  • Cook meats to the proper temperature.
  • Test all smoke alarms.
  • Do not leave food on the stove unattended.
  • Keep children out of the kitchen.
  • Clean up wet and slippery floors and surfaces
  • Do not use outdoor turkey fryers indoors.
  • Make sure a fire extinguisher is on site.

Make the Celebration Area Child and Pet Friendly

Thanksgiving is a time to be with family — including children and pets. Wherever your holiday festivities take place, the space should be child friendly. Take these steps to child proof the celebration area and make it enjoyable for dogs:

  • Create barriers for spaces that should not be entered into
  • Make sure children’s toys are non-toxic or recalled
  • Give the pets a play and rest area
  • Cover all electrical outlets
  • Do not leave dog water bowls near electronic devices
  • Monitor your child’s interaction on social media
  • If your kids are bike riding, make sure they wear a helmet
  • Designate someone to watch children during outdoor activities and games

In the event of a personal injury accident, our Treasure Coast personal injury lawyer will be happy to discuss your case.

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