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Why the Police Report is Important to Your Fort Pierce Car Accident Claim

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The primary steps to take after experiencing a car accident in Fort Pierce is to take pictures of the accident scene, record video, speak with witnesses, and see a medical professional. Some victims often forget to obtain one of the most important documents that helps them in filing an insurance claim – the police report.

What is a Police Report?

A police report is a document used by law enforcement to provide details regarding an incident or crime. The police report serves as a factual piece of information in helping accident victims file insurance claims.

What Information Does the Police Report Contain?

Some of the information the police report contains includes the following:

  • Name and contact information of drivers
  • Date of the car accident
  • Location of the car accident
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • Insurance policy information
  • Time the accident occurred
  • Police report number
  • Diagram of the car accident
  • Witness contact information
  • Citations
  • Make, model and VIN of vehicles involved
  • Narration or opinion of car accident by investigating officer

Depending upon where your accident took place, the police report must be requested from the investigating authority. There are instances where the law enforcement authority imposes a fee to obtain a copy of the report. In other areas, such as the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s office, citizens can obtain a copy of the police report at no cost.


What Happens Without a Police Report?

Since the police report is one of the primary documents in showing proof of the car accident and securing an insurance claim, pursuing reimbursement will be difficult without the presence of a police report.

The police report is filled with facts that will be relevant to your claim or potential lawsuit, if necessary. Without the police report, your insurance company can deny your car accident claim.

My Insurance Company Can Deny My Claim Without a Police Report?

Yes. The insurance company you pay premiums to each month can and will deny your claim without a police report in hand. The insurance company’s job is to protect its own assets and keep from paying any more than it needs to pay out.

Your insurance company works by determining who is at fault for the accident, especially since Florida is a comparative negligence state. This means that each driver pays for their respective amount of negligence. If your negligence is a 20% reason why the accident happened, your recovery amount will decrease by 20%.

Without the police report, your insurance company has no way to determine who was at fault for the accident, making them deny your claim overall. At that point, you should seek the services of a knowledgeable Fort Pierce car accident lawyer serving St. Lucie and Martin County.

Did Another Driver Cause Your Car Accident in Fort Pierce? Call Sholtes Law, the Fort Pierce Car Accident Lawyer.

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